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Continuing Education (CE) courses are a state requirement for most real estate professionals but can also be advantageous to your real estate career on many levels. The benefits of taking the right CE courses not only includes keeping you in line with your state’s requirements but can give your career a much needed boost and edge over your competition.

In today’s world, there’s no need to attend night classes or long lectures. Technology has made taking classes easy and convenient through online learning platforms such as License Classroom. You can work at your own pace without the hassle of a lot of paperwork and in-person commitments. If you’re an agent in Texas, Arizona or Georgia (or one of the many other states where License Classroom courses are offered) you’ll find the state accredited courses that you need to meet your state’s requirements and
enhance your real estate career.

In this article, we will discover some of our staff’s favorite courses that many Realtors will find relevant to their work.

Texas (CE)

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires that real estate licensees complete 18 hours of CE during each license renewal cycle (after your first renewal). License Classroom offers two 18 hour course packages to conveniently fulfill these requirements. Most agents and brokers should take the package Sales Agent & Broker CE, while those who supervise other agents should take Designated Broker CE.

Our Staff’s Favorite Courses (can be purchased as part of our CE packages or purchased individually):

  • Broker Responsibility Course (6 credit hours) – You’ll learn the laws of operating a Texas brokerage firm such as fiduciary responsibilities, organization of business entities and the regulations of supervising agents.
  • Roadmap to Success – Business Planning for RE Professionals (3 credit hours) – Whether you are launching your new career or you just need a boost, this 3 hour course will give you the tools to execute a solid business plan. You will learn how to create a referral-driven business that exceeds your client expectations and brings in new business opportunities, catapulting your career to a higher level.

For more information on these and other CE Courses, view our Texas CE Courses.

Texas (SAE)

TREC requires agents that are renewing for the first time to take 98 credit hours to renew their license. The courses to fulfil this credit hour requirement are referred to as Sales Agent Apprentice Education (SAE). License Classroom offers two SAE course bundles that will satisfy TREC’s credit hours requirement, one for agents who already took Legal Update I & II and another for those who haven’t yet. Our Staff’s Favorite Courses (can be purchased as part of our SAE packages or purchased individually):

The friendly and knowledgeable team at License Classroom is ready to answer your questions on your CE courses. Don’t delay. Enhance your real estate career today.

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