9 Best Real Estate YouTube Channels to Follow for Growth

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Successful real estate agents possess a diverse set of skills and are highly adaptable, shifting strategies to keep up with a dynamic market. According to NAR, 80% of consumers engage with online videos weekly, with half being influenced to make a purchase. That’s why many agents are turning to YouTube to showcase not only their listings but also their expertise to potential clients. Whether you’re looking for business tips or simply want inspiration for your own channel, here are some of the best real estate YouTube channels to follow. 

#1: Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant (@ryanserhant) is incredibly successful, with more than $6 billion in closed deals and global recognition. You may have seen him on BravoTV’s Million Dollar Listing New York, among other shows. His YouTube channel features videos about luxury real estate properties and tips for being a successful real estate agent. He offers his own personal advice on how to deal with anxiety, confidence issues, pressure, and how to change your mindset.

#2: Real Geeks

Real Geeks (@Realgeeks) is a channel built by agents for agents and is dedicated to helping real estate agents succeed. While they offer paid marketing services on their website, their YouTube shares free advice through interviews with top-producing agents. Learn how to leverage technology to save time, work in different markets, improve your marketing and lead strategies, and more.

#3: Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets (@biggerpockets) is a channel all about how to build wealth by investing in real estate. Their videos are aimed at people outside the industry, but real estate agents can gain valuable insights, too. The channel regularly shares tips on generating passive income, selecting optimal investment markets, and calculating ROI. Additionally, they provide housing market predictions, mortgage updates, and overall market insights.

#4: Katie Lance

Katie Lance (@KatieLance) is a nationally known keynote speaker helping real estate agents and brokers effectively use social media to grow their businesses. Inman News named her as one of the 100 most influential people in real estate. Follow her channel for the best tips on using social media and other tech (namely, AI) to achieve big results in less time. She also shares upcoming social media marketing trends and offers guidance on what to avoid.

#5: Community Influencer

The Community Influencer (@CommunityInfluencer) channel is run by Aarin Chung, who teaches agents how to scale their business with non-traditional marketing strategies. She focuses on building community to establish a trusted brand and attract more clients. You’ll learn how to find a niche, develop your brand, build a website, and create email marketing campaigns. She also shares valuable tips for lead generation on social media.

#6: Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry (@TomFerry) is a well-known coach, real estate expert, and best-selling author with a popular podcast. His channel features a wealth of real estate content, including skill-building, brand-building, and marketing strategies across digital, video, and print. He also teaches his methods for getting your mindset right, performing at your best, and building both your business and your own team.

#7: Tax Smart Real Estate Investors

The Tax Smart Real Estate Investors channel (@TheRealEstateCPA) is a source for all things related to real estate accounting & taxes. It teaches agents how to save money on taxes, automate their accounting processes, and grow their businesses. They share tax and accounting tips for various real estate ventures and how to increase your income through strategic investing.

#8: Jeremy Knight – Moving to Austin

Jeremy Knight (@JeremyAKnight) is head of The Knight Group, a Platinum Top 50 Real Estate Team in Austin, Texas. His YouTube channel covers the Austin housing market, the new construction market, and where to live and buy in Austin. In addition to real estate-related tips for buyers and sellers, Jeremy also shares local Austin must-do activities and restaurants. He believes in making the buying or selling experience more fun for everyone!

#9: VIP Realty – Texas Real Estate

VIP Realty (@VIPRealty) is Texas’s Premier Real Estate Firm doing business in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. They post new videos each week, ranging from Dallas housing market updates and valuable neighborhood info to tips for other agents on generating leads and building a successful career. There’s also a video series with the pros and cons of living in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

Bonus Channel: Your Brokerage

If your brokerage or team has real estate YouTube channels, consider following and subscribing to receive alerts for new posts. They’ll likely post updates on what’s going on in the local market and your brokerage, including changes affecting your license and new resources to support your business. They may also share valuable tips to grow your business under their leadership and make the most of your sponsorship.

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