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SAE: Real Estate Investment

Education Provider #701075   Course Approval #935

Whether you are working with real estate investors or you would like to become one yourself, you will want to understand the risks and rewards of this exciting and important business. This 30-hour course covers the pros and cons of investing in real estate, how to do feasibility studies, tax laws that affect investments, financing options available to investors and much more. It explores relevant and engaging topics pertaining to both residential and commercial investment properties.

Course Facts

Documentation Provided
Certificate of Completion

30 Mandatory Hours

Course Type
100% Online

Regulatory Agency
Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)

Course Schedule
Self-Paced & Available 24/7


Course Outline

Topic Duration
Section 1: Course Orientation 0 minutes
Section 2: Why Invest in Real Estate? 125 minutes
Section 3: The Transaction: Contract to Closing 50 minutes
Section 4: Real Property Ownership Interests 150 minutes
Section 5: Investing in Residential Properties 200 minutes
Section 6: Investing in Commercial Properties 175 minutes
Section 7: Investing in Land 100 minutes
Section 8: Real Estate Feasibility Studies 100 minutes
Section 9: Investment Financial Analysis 75 minutes
Section 10: Other Real Estate Investment Topics 50 minutes
Section 11: Real Estate Investment Financing 150 minutes
Section 12: Managing the Investment Property 150 minutes
Section 13: Taxes and Real Estate Investments 125 minutes
Section 14: Applications to Property Tax 50 minutes
Section 15: Texas SAE Real Estate Investment Course Wrap-Up 0 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

All of our courses are completely online and self-paced.  Our online course delivery system is interactive and easy-to-navigate, so you stay engaged throughout the course.

TREC requires that all Qualifying Education course final exams be proctored or monitored by a disinterested third party proctor. Our course packages include proctoring at no addition cost.  Our proctoring solution is 100% online and can be utilized anytime at your convenience.

Yes, TREC requires 3 days to elapse between the time you start your course and when you take your final exam. Please be sure to wait a full 3 days from starting your course to taking your final exam, otherwise TREC will not award you credit for completing the course.

By keeping our operating costs low and only offering online courses, we’re able to save on overhead costs that other brands can’t and pass the savings along to you!

Students have up to two attempts to pass the final exams with a 70% of higher passing score. If both attempts are exhausted, students will be required to start over from the beginning and pass all lesson quizzes to move on to the final exam again.

Yes, we are a TREC approved course provider!

License Classroom is committed to student satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, License Classroom will refund the purchase price of any course if the refund request is submitted within 30 days of purchase, prior to course expiration, and the course is not more than 50% completed.

Regarding Exam Prep Edge, License Classroom will refund the purchase price of any Exam Prep Edge product if the refund request is submitted within 30 days of purchase and if the initial assessment has not been completed.

License Classroom does not offer price adjustments on previously purchased items.

Each 30 Credit Hour course will take a minimum of 3 days (72 hours) to complete, and TREC will verify this by looking at course start and completion times on each course certificate. The maximum amount of time that you may spend on a particular course per day is 12 hours.

No. The Salesperson Apprenticeship Education (SAE) renewal is the first license renewal in Texas, two years after you obtain a real estate license.

The first renewal requires a total of 270 qualifying real estate course hours. If you obtained your license by submitting 180 hours of qualifying courses, you will need an additional 90 hours of elective SAE courses, plus 4 hours each of Legal Update I and Legal Update II courses. Sales agents who have been made a supervisor by their broker must also take the 6-hour Broker Responsibility course to renew.

All subsequent renewals after the SAE renewal will require only 18 hours of Continuing Education.

TREC requires course providers to report credits directly to TREC for all SAE completions. All students taking our TREC SAE courses will be asked to provide their license number upon course launch.

This update eliminates the need for licensed sales agents to send their course completion certificate(s) directly to TREC. We typically report course credits to TREC within 1-2 business days of your completion, but processing times may vary.